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Meet Jessica

Jessica founded Elevated Property Group to elevate the histories and futures of communities impacted by housing injustice.


She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and is deeply committed to the welfare of her city.

Jessica purchased her late grandmother’s home, and she was confronted with the dark history of Oregon’s real estate laws. The original title was located during the purchasing process, which clearly stated that no black person could ever own the home.


The history of discrimination in housing has a lasting impact that ripples through communities and generations. Knowing that housing has historically been used as a tool to marginalize, displace and oppress, Jessica started a learning journey about how to disrupt the industry of real estate investing.


She is doing that by working with women and people of color committed to mutually beneficial solutions in housing and real estate investing instead of predatory practices that turn a quick dollar but contribute to systemic injustices.


“This is my city, and this will not be the legacy of Portland anymore. We can start to remedy this with individual education and demands for systemic change” – JLT

Now, Jessica partners as a real estate investor with a heart to educate and connect to those wanting to sell their homes to think about implications beyond their immediate desire to find a new home. By looking at both personal and community impacts and partnering with women and people of color, small but meaningful disruptions to the status quo are possible.

Jessica continues to connect other investors, contractors, real estate agents, and community members with the resources they need to sell their homes in a mindful and intentional way.