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your trusted partner and real estate resource

Whether you find yourself ready to move, or in financial distress, we want you to have a listening ear and a network of support.

Whether you are facing foreclosure, worried about your house payments, or wanting a fresh start, we can help.


Our goal is to elevate our cities through investments in real estate and our communities.


We specialize in real estate investing that educates and empowers! Preparing to sell a home in this market is a significant stressor. Let us help you find the connections and resources you need.

We educate and empower each person we partner with so they fully understand their options, the process of selling their home, and how they can protect themselves from those that would find anything less than a win/win situation for all involved. 

EPG is based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon.


Oregon has a history of inequitable housing laws, redlining, and marginalization of communities who are the most vulnerable. We want to  repair that history by writing a different narrative for housing in Portland.  This is why EPG partners with like-minded women and people of color from across the country to disrupt the way things have been and to inspire hope in our future.

We care about the history of cities and about their future thriving, which is why we take the time to listen to your story to find solutions that can benefit you and the community.


We believe in serving our community by helping people get from their current housing problem to their permanent housing solution.

We’d love to talk about how we can serve you. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation.